May 2013

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

 “I believe in myself now,” she says with a smile. “Without BESS, that wouldn’t have been possible.”

Inside this issue: 

A life saved, because you cared

Isabelle's family

In Isabelle’s* home country in central Africa, not every girl was able to go to school, much less complete her education and enter the legal profession. So when she began practicing corporate law after her graduation, she didn’t take anything for granted.

And it got even better. While in law school she developed a relationship with another budding lawyer, Lionel*, and soon after they graduated they became engaged. In 1997, moved to Canada, got married and started their family.

Do you know BESS?

BESS women

Our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS) program provides women with the tools – educational, financial, and emotional – to rebuild and transform their lives in the aftermath of domestic abuse.

We’re turning 40—Help us celebrate!


This spring, Interval House turns 40 years old…and we’d love to have you join our celebration. In honour of our anniversary, we’d like to hear your story—your personal connection to Interval House.

Are you a former resident? A successful BESS graduate? Are you a long-time donor, or the newest member of our family of supporters? Have you volunteered at Interval House and discovered the joy of giving your time and effort?

Spring to renewal!


A fresh coat of paint…a spruced-up wardrobe…sprigs of green through the thawing ground… No season says “renewal” like spring!

But for the woman who’s endured a winter of abuse, spring might be the beginning of a journey to a completely different renewal—the kind that begins with a frightening escape and an unknown future.