May 2012

Morning for Change!

In case you missed Interval House on CityTV helping promote the Canadian Women's Foundation's Morning for Change fundraiser, you can watch the video here.


Spring 2012 Newsletter

Spring 2012 Newsletter Cover

What's a Mother to do?

Inside this issue: 

Your gift is a "Mother's Helper"

Imagine being forced from your home by family violence…at Mother’s Day.

While you and I are celebrating the important bond of family, women who are experiencing the worst kinds of abuse are making the excruciating decision to leave the fear behind and walk with their children into a new life. But they can’t do it alone.

Your support, whether a single gift or a faithful monthly contribution, helps ensure that we can offer a courageous woman the raw materials and the tools she will need to remain free of her abuser. Your gift of…

Grab your Umbra!

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Interval House draws great strength from our family of supporters in the community, both individuals and corporate partners. One of our most faithful corporate partners is Umbra, the worldwide leader in original, casual, contemporary affordable design for the home.

Healing the Whole Woman

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One of Interval House’s great strengths is the programs available to our residents as they begin to rebuild their lives. Yes, jobs and housing are important if a woman is to remain free of her abuser, but the damage that is done by violence and fear takes time and attention to heal.

The Tell-Tale Signs


Violence in a relationship can develop slowly over time or it can happen in an instant. Here are some signs that you might need to seek help:

What's a mother to do?

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Mothers and daughters treasure doing many things together...but escaping abusive partners should never have to be one of them. Yet, tragically, finding a path out of violence can be one of the life events that mothers and daughters share.

Spring Fashion Haul!

Fashion Haul

Spring is here! And how better to celebrate than with a new wardrobe?