January 2012

Winter 2012 Newsletter

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Naledi: New Hope in a New Land

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New Year, new life!


This month, as you and I celebrate the beginning of the New Year, Interval House will open its doors to many abused women and children who need to find a whole new life. What they’ll find inside our doors is a result of your generosity – your gifts of warmth in the middle of a cold winter.

How can you help?

Open House: Full House!

It was a full house for October’s Annual Open House, and we were grateful for the chance to say "thank you" to our faithful community of friends and supporters.

We took the opportunity to show everyone how their gifts made a difference last year and how much we appreciate the involvement of those who share our commitment to ending domestic abuse.

BESS—Path to long-term success

BESS Client

What is the number one factor in making sure a woman escaping domestic abuse stays free?

A good job.

Unfortunately many women who have suffered abuse have also been out of the job market and even out of social settings for years. And despite the courage it takes for a woman to flee her home and her abuser, she can’t completely escape unless she becomes financially independent and self-supporting.

A Very Big “Thank You” to the BESS Program

 A letter from Naledi, BESS Graduate

Hi All,

Naledi: New hope in a new land


She might have been born in Botswana, but in many ways, Naledi was you.

Like so many other girls, Naledi Marope* grew up dreaming of marrying a handsome, kind, successful young man and having a beautiful family. She knew that married life wouldn’t be easy, but she was ready and willing to work hard to see those dreams come true.