January 2011

Winter 2011 Newsletter


We desperately need to raise $ 44,000 before March 1 in order to ensure that ever y woman and child who comes to us for shelter from her own winter storm can be accommodated with a safe place to stay, nourishing food and assistance to rebuild lives. Please, consider sending a gift today and stand with us this winter.

From Our Mailbox: A letter from a BESS graduate

You have no idea how you helped me with the course I attended last year. I took your advice and your words of encouragement and faced the world. In short, I applied for a job and I got it! I nailed the interview. I was told by the interviewer that I seemed to know more than they do. I tailored the interview to focus on my volunteering - for the past eight months as a peer counsellor. Now I will be a Peer Support Counsellor on a new project at a women’s organization that works in collaboration with five other organizations. Fazia, I am so excited and happy I attended the B.E.S.S.

Renovation Update: Focus on our BESS Program

BESS Resource Centre

The BESS (Building Economic Self- Sufficiency) Program, an employment program for women who have survived abuse, is in its new home within Interval House. The new space comprises a brand new Education Room, Computer Lab, Private Counselling Room and Career Boutique. This space will allow us to assist even more women in finding meaningful employment, while helping them with insight into the barriers, often related to abuse, that may have kept them from moving forward in the job market.

From our House to a new Home


Seven years ago, when Stephanie was pregnant with her second son, the abuse began. Her husband’s verbal insults, explosive outbursts and physical threats went from occasional to daily occurrences. Stephanie knew that she and her boys were in danger.