November 2010

The holidays are coming!

Christmas Ornament - 2010

The holidays are coming and the kids are busy writing letters to Santa and making decorations to spruce up the shelter during the festive season. Their amazing artwork is drying on the windowsill waiting to be hung up on the tree.

A New Home

When Alex and Emma* arrived at Interval House several years ago, Rubina Khan, Children's Counsellor Advocate, remembers, they cried and begged to leave. Their mother had been afraid to tell them where they were going and that they weren’t going back home. At 11 and 13, Alex and Emma wanted no part of the shelter or the teasing they knew they would take when their friends found out.

"Empress Lyrics" Sings a New Song

Building a new life can seem like a never-ending set of challenges, but for one beautiful singer, Interval House was in it for the long haul.

Myself Again

“Good afternoon, Indranie Williams speaking. How may I help you?”

This fall, if you're seeking help in leasing residential or commercial real estate, you just might find yourself speaking with Indranie Williams. She'll be delighted to help you.

But as recently as January of this year, Indranie was in no position to help anyone. In fact, she desperately needed help herself.